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  26 August 2009
Enerlux sponsor prize draw at Hampshire Eco Festival
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Virgin Non-Food Oils

Virgin non-food oils have been tried and tested in power generation units in the UK and other regions, particularly the US, for some years. The oils are refined by degumming and filtration, a much lower processing impact than conversion of oils into biodiesel. Enerlux ensures that the non-food oils are traceable and sustainable; such oils are from non-edible plantations that indirectly benefit the growth of food grade crops. Oils include Jatropha, Neem, Mahua, and in addition by-products of other processes; distillation musts, rice husk oil and nut skin liquid. All have been successfully tested for quality and usability and will meet the Ofgem regulations for claiming ROCís as a biofuel used in power generation.

Mixed Blend BioMass

Enerlux have a unique biomass that fully conforms to the Ofgem requirements for energy crops and the receipt of tradable ROCís. The base organic material is blended with other compliant oils to meet specific engine performance and energy specifications in power generation. This biofuel is available in significant volume for immediate shipment. Contact us now for further details and to discuss your application and volume requirements.