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  26 August 2009
Enerlux sponsor prize draw at Hampshire Eco Festival
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Enerlux provide the latest generation of biodiesel production technology, and have developed a new processing and operational model. Our technology is able to produce high quality biodiesel from a broad range of feedstocks, including UCO/Tallow/Palm etc (with a broader range of FFA), on a continuous basis rather than as a multi-stage batch process. Our technology delivers significantly lower processing overheads and less waste than other processes, resulting in higher throughput and reduced costs for the biodiesel producer.

The supply model is optional - we are able to provide on a supply of technology only basis with the customer covering the capital cost, or on a tolling arrangement with no need for capital expenditure or outlay. The tolling rate is per litre produced and is very competitive when compared with conventional ‘batch’ technology and is generally dependent on the monthly agreed throughput. Contact us now to discuss how to improve your product and bottom line.

The latest generation process is very efficient, there is no need to recover input materials such as methonol as it only uses the amount required, it does not require water so the finished biodiesel is dry, also uses less input energy than coventional batch processes as it does not require any pre-heating of the feedstock.